Top 5 Mobile App Frameworks for UI/UX Designers

Mobile applications seem to have gained a great momentum in the recent past, and today there are more than 1.5 million applications spread across different app stores. The numbers speak by itself about the massive success of applications amongst the business communities. As we know, there are three sub categories in app development; web, native and hybrid applications.

Here are a few top mobile app frameworks that can be of a great help for UI/UX designers.

1. Sencha Touch
Sencha Touch is one of the biggest names in the enterprise mobile app development arena; it is one of the popular enterprise grade products when it comes to the development of cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript and HTML5. Sencha Touch consolidates the widgets with the native look and feel of all the leading platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

2. JQuery Mobile
JQuery Mobile is an HTML5 based user interface system which runs almost on anything with a condition that it should support HTML5 Standard. It runs on iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Android as well.

If you are looking for an open source JavaScript framework to build a complex yet smoothly running mobile application, probably is the best choice. is one of the well-known frameworks for hybrid mobile app development. However, the framework can also be used for desktop web application development as well. It’s one of the very few JavaScript frameworks having an open source 3D layout and a 3D animation engine.

4. Onsen UI
Onsen UI is an open source framework that is available with Apache License. It makes use of Angular directives and Topcoat framework in most of its UI elements. It has a large collection of elements which allows you to build applications for mobile, tablet and desktops as well.

5. Mobile Angular UI
It is one of the most popular mobile application frameworks like the above mentioned jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch. If you are familiar with Twitter Bootstrap and Angular JS, you can easily catch up with Mobile Angular UI. Using this framework, you can access the best of Angular JS and Bootstrap 3 to build cutting-edge HTML 5 mobile applications.
With the evolution happening in the digital world, mobile websites and applications are gaining a huge importance and people are shifting from traditional desktop to mobile and other portable devices. So, in order to be alive in the race, UI/UX designers must be aware of the available frameworks in the market which would ease their work a bit.