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Our Philosophy

Because you have to have a philosophy when designing websites and web applications.

Maintenance of high ethical standards in external and internal relationships is essential to maximize success. Decisions will be based on facts, objectively considered; a thought-through approach to decision making. eMUNICATIONS will monitor and adjust to the forces at work in its operating and marketing environment. All People will be judged on the basis of their performance, not on personality, education, or personal traits. eMUNICATIONS will maintain a sense of competitive urgency.



our strengths will be your strengths

eMUNICATIONS was started and is run by an MBA with years of experience in marketing and promoting businesses. We understand business. There are many website design and website application development company's to choose from but, most are owned and operated by programmers and/or graphic designers. These skill sets are essential to good website design and web development but, they are not always helpful in applying Internet technologies to your business. After hundreds of websites developed a businessman can identify critical functionality to your business that you may not be aware of.

eMUNICATIONS utilizes a team of of graphic designers and web application programmers to ensure a variety of visual styles and programming languages and tools that are just right for your website project. Many firms know only one, two or a few languages and therefore are limited to the functionality they can provide. The eMUNICATIONS team is well versed in PHP/MySQL, .NET, Cake PHP, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Open Cart, Drupal Commerce, Linux, Apache, iOS, Android, the iTunes Store, Google Play and more.

eMUNICATIONS is about project management. We utilize a project management application that is available online for our clients to track the timing of their website project, the task lists (open and completed), file sharing and communications amongst the team members. We include the client in these discussions and encourage their active involvement in the website development process.

eMUNICATIONS has been around since 2002. We have developed a lot of experience across may industries. There is probably nothing too different from something we have already developed. Take a look at our portfolio of websites to get an idea of this experience.


eMUNICATIONS' Weaknesses

eMUNICATIONS has no weaknesses, next section please. ;)

Well, there might be one weakness. eMUNICATIONS is not the cheapest website designer or, website development company you can hire. We provide beautiful, quality work at a fair price and completed on time. Of course, you could always hire your nephew or your colleague's son's best friend in high school. We have had many clients come to us to fix the problems that this strategy will create. Talk to us. It will save you time and money in the long run.



A rich history of customer satisfaction.

eMUNICATIONS began as a website owner. We hired a contractor to develop a web application for online obituaries. This was in 2002 before the concept was widely used. Now, just about every funeral home website offers online obituaries. We started with the idea of selling online obituaries as a retail product but, Earthman Funeral Homes with their eleven locations saw the potential of the idea and wanted to offer online obituaries to all of their families. They approached us and offered a wholesale arrangement and we agreed. A few years ago Earthman Funeral Homes attributed $1MM in sales per year to their website designed by eMUNICATIONS.

Soon other funeral homes were contacting eMUNICATIONS to redesign or provide new websites for their businesses. It wasn't long before those requests were turning into referrals to other businesses outside of the funeral industry. We have developed websites for apartment buildings, construction contractors, attorneys, industrial companies, online retailers, schools, hunting and fishing guides, not-for-profit organizations, veterinarians, medical doctors, oil & gas service providers and many, many more. Even other website designers and website developers have hired us for our expertise.

As our client base grew so did our services. Our clients started to ask us for print design, advertising copy, trade show displays, billboard design, even radio advertising copy. eMUNICATIONS' creativity and project management skills were being tested and we kept delivering. eMUNICATIONS grew from a one person consulting business to a team of six specialists offering a variety of marketing services. We have since scaled back a bit to focus on our roots in digital marketing services including, website design, website application development, smartphone applications, search engine optimization, email marketing and graphic design.

If you are considering a website redesign or, need a brand new web application or, smartphone app, contact us. Our first meeting is on us – no charge. I guarantee you will learn something and be better informed for your final decision – who ever it is.