6 Credible Reasons for Drupal 8 Being Immensely Loved

It’s just been a couple of months since when Drupal 8 was released, but it has already been a favorite content management platform for many developers because of its outstanding features. Drupal 8 is a new standard for creating amazing digital experiences for small businesses, global enterprises or anything in between. With the platform being extremely flexible, one can create almost any integrated experience that they can imagine.

Below mentioned are a few reasons for Drupal 8 being loved immensely!

1. New Theme Engine
The platform is incorporated with a new PHP based theming engine called Twig which is fast, flexible and secure. Using Twig, it’s really easy for you to develop fully functional and beautiful Drupal websites, as the templates are in a syntax which is not as complex as phptemplate.

2. Easier Content Creation
Drupal 8 uses a common WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). The content creation process including formatting and editing has been designed keeping user in mind. So, the articles can now be personalized with drag and drop buttons. Also, there is a customizable toolbar which allows content editors to add or remove editing buttons, based on what they use the most.

3. Mobile first Approach
Yes, Drupal 8 is mobile-first in its approach; all the inbuilt themes that come with Drupal 8 are responsive. The themes easily adapt to different screen sizes and come with a ‘Back to Site’ button which takes you to the previous page you were in. Admin toolbar works extremely well on mobile devices and the tables fit into any screen size without any hitch.

4. Multilingual Capabilities
Drupal 8 comes with improved language capabilities and offers a great flexibility from both development and user perspective. The admin interface comes with built-in translation facility. Also, you can build pages with language based views filtering and block visibility.

5. Configuration Management
Configuration management has been built into Drupal 8 at the file system level itself, so that carrying over configuration elements like views, content types and fields from local development to the server is now a breeze. It also allows you to use a version control system to keep track of the configuration changes.

6. Backed by Symfony
Drupal 8 embraces the flexibility and power of Symfony, a PHP based framework which allows for rapid development of robust applications. Integration of Drupal 8 with Symfony brings a set of features to the table which makes the build process much more dynamic.
These are just a few features that Drupal 8 is being recognized for. But, it’s a collective work of more than 3000 contributors and there are lots of other mesmerizing features because of which Drupal 8 has been the first choice for many developers.